digital waqf platform dedicated to providing financial services to underserved communities



A Waqf is an Islamic endowment of property to be held in trust and used for a charitable purpose. We use Ethereum based smart contracts as the foundation for our digital waqf solutions, allowing you to more easily manage the assets that you dedicate to your waqf trust.


Once an asset is dedicated to a charitable purpose using Waqf, the asset becomes autonomous and perpetual. Utilizing public blockchains enables us to provide immutable smart contracts with an audit trail on the usage of the asset - adding a much needed layer of transparency.


A Waqf is a vehicle that is used to deliver impact. As part of our charter, we use our Waqf Foundation to provide financial services to underserved communities, allowing us to utilise dedicated assets in ways that best benefit our end beneficiaries by customising needed support.


Using tamper proof, audited smart contracts, we have been able to create an interface that allows for self governing entities to better utilize their assets - turning them into their own platforms by enabling predefined actions to be auto executed based upon specific events.


At the very core, Takaful represents a mutual guarantee. It functions as a co-operative system of repayment in case of loss, organized by the community. This allows us to provide medical expense coverage to B40 individuals as part of our ongoing pilot project, which is aimed to improve society by connecting our various waqf trust partners.


The B40 are a hospital trip away from falling into debt or deep poverty. We help them manage the uncertainty and risk of medical costs by providing them Takaful coverage as part of our digital waqf service pilot with a selection of Takaful products to our end beneficiaries.


From mobile phones to laptops and cyber security as a whole - our Takaful contracts can be used to insure both physical and digital assets. Our escrow services allow us to hold your assets and ensure they are utilized by their intended beneficiaries once the contract allows.


Insurance for your business involves creating a trust for your business’s insurance needs. Businesses require effective risk management policies to limit damages. We provide takaful coverage for delivery, assets, products, machinery, and employee coverage.


Our corporate solutions are designed for providing financial solutions for the individuals within your community. Our waqf model allows your organisation to utilise CSR funds to create trusts to provide specific long-term benefits and impact for the community that you support.


CSR has long been a donation of choice for many organisations that are looking to give back to society without any measurable impact. Using our digital waqf services, you can now donate CSR funds to trusts that ensure and deliver transparent quantifiable impact to your community.


Dedicate your CSR funds to specific communities that are within your ecosystem. We work directly with institutions on the ground to deliver a lasting impact to the end beneficiary. Connect your funds to our digital waqf ecosystem, which has a chartered mission to help those in need.


By using our Digital Waqf services, you are providing invaluable benefits to your community. We provide financial literacy education to all end beneficiaries, connecting them to other relevant service providers in the hope of ultimately enabling them to reach financial freedom.