automating insurance by decentralizing wakf



A waqf is similar to a mortmain trust. An immutable charitable endowment under Islamic law, which involves donating a building, plot of land or any other asset that can be used for the wellbeing of our community. We use smart contracts as a governing foundation for specific family requirements, geographical locations or niche market demographics, such as the underserved and unbanked.


A decentralized autonomous waqf that is dedicated to the benefit of each families unique social heritage, which is capable of governing the network's contribution premiums, disbursements and claims.


Sharing risk with sustainable causes that are socially responsible by incorporating environmental benefits. From agriculture to solar and wind farms - through to artisan and handcrafted collectives.


Utilizing public blockchains enables us to provide immutable smart contracts, which cannot be arbitrarily altered - enabling predefined actions to be auto executed based upon specific incoming events.


Takaful represents a mutual guarantee. They function as a co-operative system of repayment in case of loss, organized as a Shariah compliant alternative to conventional insurance, which is often tainted by misleading principles and excessive uncertainty. People and companies concerned about hazards make regular donations to a common pool shared between its community.


Manage the uncertainty of your future by sharing the risks of others with our takaful smart contracts. We provide a selection of life, health, and travel insurance for both you and the families of your family.


Businesses require effective risk management policies to limit damages. We provide insurance contracts ranging from products and machinery, to workers and property compensation plans.


From mobile phones to laptops and cyber security as a whole - our takaful contracts can be used to insure both physical and digital assets for either select individuals or entire organizations and collectives.


Classical Islamic law recognizes only natural persons and does not grant standing to corporations, which is why we have designed a model that utilizes decentralized autonomous waqf contracts to facilitate our own corporate processes, whilst acting as a bridge for participation with existing institutions and the various forms of custodial services they use.


Impact others by dedicating waqf to specific demographic causes such as agricultural reform - by donating to their needs whilst in-turn being supported when you need from their royalties.


For organizations seeking a more meaningful impact with their CSR and other charitable initiatives - we provide in-house workshops to help establish long-term strategic partnerships.


Our technology can also be licensed as a customisable white-labelled solution to enable organizations or communities to adopt these services within both private and permissioned environments.